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2012 St. Patrick's Day Classic 


St. Patrick's Day Classic - Results

1st Flight

1st Place - 57 (Scorecard Playoff)
Alex McKenzie, Jeff Rieitz, Brian Reidelberger,

2nd Place - 57
Todd Brewer, Troy Lewis, Ed Herring, Alex Clark

3rd Place  - 59
Mike Mendez, Rob Lighthart, Jim Wichita, Alicia Sathoff

2nd Flight

1st Place - 59 
 Brian Miller, Mike Vondra, Dan Sedlacek, Drew Kastler

2nd Place - 60
Kris Coates, John Juhler, Eddie George, Losson White

3rd Place - 61
Jeff Hatcher, Ted Quick, Lynn Johnson, Carl Reerink

3rd Flight

1st Place - 60
Joe Axmear, Gavin Keller, Tim Haag, Clark

2nd Place - 67 (Scorecard Playoff)
Derek Sybert, Aaron Glasnapp, Matt Glasnapp, Cody Bruechert

3rd Place - 67
Joe Van Pola, Joe Houdenes, Bill Johnson, Larry Lee 

4th Flight

1st Place - 65
Dan Patterson, Mitch Scarborough, Nick Partridge, Mike Devour

2nd Place - 67 (Scorecard Playoff)
Nick Miller, Todd Shano, Jesse Shanno, Jim

3rd Place - 67
Andy Ryan, Peter Dielinski, John Heifman, Jamie Heifmann

Flag Prize Winners

Hole #2: Longest Putt - Adam Haynes
Hole #3: Closest 2nd Shot - Jason Aschenbrenner
Hole #4: Longest Drive (Ladies) - Traci Dineen
Hole #5: Closest 1st Shot - Josh Boardman
Hole #6: Longest Putt - Jon Towne
Hole #7: Longest Drive (Men) - Brian Reidelberger
Hole #8: Closest 1st Shot - Lindsey Lineback
Hole #9: Closest 2nd Shot - Larry Stafford
Hole #10: Longest Putt - Jeff Miller
Hole #11: Closest 2nd Shot - Joel Cook
Hole #12: Closest 1st Shot - HOT Lisa
Hole #13: Longest Putt (Ladies) - Kris Coates
Hole #14: Longest Drive (Men) - Timothy Haag

Hole #15: Closest 1st Shot - Jim Wichita

Hole #16: Closest 2nd Shot - Joe Axmear
Hole #17: Closest 3rd Shot - Brian Reidelberger
Hole #18: Longest Putt - Colin Beal

Prizes can be picked up any day from sun up to sundown
starting Monday.

Thank you to all who participated.
Hope everyone had a great time.

Hope to see you for the 2013 St.Patrick's Day Classic